Anna Ragnieva CUPP 2011 Applicant

Anna Ragnieva
CUPP 2011 Applicant
Volodymyr Dahl Eastern
Ukraine National University
Date of birth: 12/21/1988

The 16th of November began when I opened my eyes at 7:45 a. m. Oh, I am so happy as I had my sleep out. It’s so nice when you have an opportunity to sleep enough. But unfortunately I have such opportunity not so often as my days are very busy and I need to get up early to do all my deals. Don’t think that very busy days make me unhappy. No, very busy days make me happy as I am very active person and I need to have a lot of deals to have a great amount of impressions.

This day seemed to be very busy. Although I didn’t have the first lesson I had three lessons more that began at 10:05 a. m. and finished at 3:35 p.m. During lessons on 30 minutes brake I took part in our faculty’s meeting of monitors, on which all temporary problems were discussed and decisions were made. Then I had to inform my groupmates about temporary problems and future events and of course we had to decide where and how we would meet International Student Day. After lessons four groupmates and I went to computer club to make our group exercise (we take part in Global Management Challenge – the first international competition in management: we need to manage the company during some period of time).

At 7 p. m. I was at home where I had a dinner, watched news on TV and began to make my homework for tomorrow. Now it is 11 p. m. I am sitting and writing my diary. Of course, I am tired. But I am happy as I made a lot of useful deals on the 16th of November. Only one thing upsets me. I didn’t take part in the today’s protesting against new Taxes’ Code as I was on lessons during this protesting. I think that this protesting was really important. A great amount of new taxes can make dealing of business simply impossible for a lot of businessmen. It will lead to a great amount of new unemployed that will lead to reduction of labour cost. And reduction of labour cost is a great problem for everyone even if he or she isn’t a businessman. I really hope that our politicians understand this.

Ganna Tselikovska CUPP 2011 APPLICANT

 Ganna Tselikovska
Dnipropetrovsk National University named after Oles Honchar

Do you want to learn how an average girl (me) aged 21 spent the 15th of November?
Before you read about my day let me tell you several worlds about myself. As you already know, I am 21. I am five-year student of International Economy Faculty. I am from Dniprodzerzhynsk but study in Dnipropetrovsk so I rent an apartment here.

6.30 a.m. I get up because today my study at university.begins at 8.00 a.m. The bus doesn’t go directly to my university building, I have to walk by foot through the park for 15 minutes. It’s bad as I have to wake up so early, but such exercise twice a day keeps me fit.

7.00 a.m. Today is my cousin’s and roommate’s Kseniia’s birthday. Since I have to leave home so early, I am congratulating her and wish her all the best.

8.00 a.m. My studies begin. Today I have three lessons: English, Strategic Management and International Monetary and Credit-Payment Operations (in fact it’s not so scary as it sounds).

12.30 a.m. End of my studies for today!!! Hurrah! But it’s not the end! I have free time until 3 p.m. so I just hang around and have lunch.

3.00 p.m. I have lesson with a nine-year old boy. I tutor English privately and I like it very much. Today we are describing his room.

4.30. p.m. I am finally home. What I need now is a cup of strong tea and I am ready to start my homework .
9.00 p.m. Here comes Kseniia from her university birthday party. She’s got sooo many flowers and presents. Well, now we have our own small birthday cake.

11.00 p.m. Our party gets a little bit late . But it’s time to go to sleep since tomorrow is Kseniia’s turn to get up at 6.30 a.m. It was a long but pleasant day.

Olha Sorokivska CUPP 2010 Intern

Olha Sorokivska
CUPP 2010 Intern
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Intern to Bonnie Crombie, M.P. Liberal Party
2010 Michael Rebryk Scholarship recipient

A day in the life of CUPP Intern
November 4, 2010
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Today is my 52nd day in Ottawa. I cannot believe that time has fled so fast and less than in 2 weeks I will be home.
This day was special because it was the day when I said goodbye to Bonnie, my M.P. It’s interesting: the first time, when I took to writing my diary, I met her for the first time. And now I am writing about the last day I saw her. Today I gave her the present that I had brought from Ukraine – a set of beautiful photo albums about Lviv and 2 dolls: a Ukrainian girl and a Ukrainian boy in national costumes. She was very happy and surprised to receive this present.  From the period of my internship in her office I can make a conclusion that I am lucky because the atmosphere there was so friendly all the time that I still do not want to leave.
But let’s come back to the story about my day today. So, in the morning I could hardly make myself get up (well, it will not be a secret, if I say that it happens every morning))). Having my breakfast… walking to the Parliament…9 am….office 619.  When I came, the office was closed, so I decided to go to the cafeteria to buy me a cup of coffee. There I met Luch, Bonnie’s assistant, and it was he who bought me a cup of coffee))) and we went to the office. I like Luch very much, he has a great sense of humor, he has always been so nice to me. He has been working in the Parliament for 17 years and he is very smart. I’ll be missing him as well.
During the lunch time we shoot a video in the Central Block with Bonnie for our CUPP video. After lunch it began raining and it did not stop raining until the end of the day. Brr. I hate such weather.
At 5 pm I and two of my colleagues, Mykhaylo Palahitskyy and Illya Filatov, went to the National Gallery of Canada, the most famous art institution in this country. On Tuesday at the Barney’s version presentation I met Shawn Fried, director of operations of the Ministry of Public Safety. By the way, I advise everybody who has not seen this movie, definitely do it, because it is really worth seeing.
So, Shawn suggested he would give us a tour through the National Gallery and I willingly agreed, as during all our stay in Ottawa I did not have the opportunity to visit this Gallery. Saying that I was impressed, means nothing to say, because it is a unique place with fabulous paintings of different artists of all times. We had very limited time because at 7.30 pm was the Crimea presentation in the Ukrainian Embassy. One must spend all day there in order to see all the paintings. So, Shaw showed us the best ones and told very interesting stories about them. I saw paintings by Vincent van Gogh, Picasso, Salvador Dali and many others. Oh, it was amazing that I could feel the spirit of these artists.
Then I invited Shawn to the Crimea presentation organized by the interns from the Crimea. Several other interns also were involved. I enjoyed the presentation, as well as poetry by Pushkin and Lesia Ukrainka, the song by Aishe… All guests were very satisfied that they saw this fascinating and unforgettable performance. My special gratitude to all interns who had organized this event.
The day ended with myself and my CUPP friends’ drinking wine and singing songs to the guitar…
I Love CUPP!

Khalilova Aishe CUPP 2011 APPLICANT

Khalilova Aishe

Hetman Economic University of Kyiv, Crimean Institute at Simferopol
Date of birth: 08/26/1991 

Hi, everyone! Let me introduce myself, my name is Aishe Khalilova. I am a CUPP applicant 2011. I was born in Crimea, live in Crimea and study in Crimea. So, Crimea is my life!

Before writing how I spend my time today, I want to tell you how changed my live during 3 months being CUPP applicant. May be for you it isn’t so interesting, but it is very important to me!

At first, I am very grateful to our CUPP director, Pan Ihor Bardin, for his partial, advertency to us. He gives us a tone and inspirits to go on. I am extremely pleased to take “readings” articles, which describe freshest and the most interesting news. Besides, these articles give a possibility to improve my English. In fact, they made my world overview wider. I thought a lot about some issues, which didn’t worry me earlier. For example, the ecology problem of the tar sands in Canada, which touched the whole World; or using the goods manufactured in China’s forced labour camps. I found new friends here. It is very easy to speak with them, because they are open, frank and also well-wishing persons. Hi, guys!) Actually, this period wasn’t so easy for me. Assignments, deadlines, assignments, readings, deadlines… But it is an absorbing experience! It is like a firecracker of impressions, inspirits, and thoughts!
And a little advice from me for the future applicants: DO NOT APPLY AT THE END OF THE DEADLINE!!!

So, now I can return to my main question=)

Today is the 14th of November, Sunday. I have no classes, but my day began in the early morning, because we should prepare to one of the biggest Muslim’s feasts, Kurban Bayram. It is the feast of the Sacrifice, begins on the 16th of November. Every family tidy up their houses, yards, do some purchases and visit old people to help them and to bring needed things for the feast. And our family isn’t an exception.

My day began with the cup of coffee. Till noon we in concern had managed to do our domesticity, to do some purchases and visited my dearest people: Emine grandmother, Ismet and Sakine grandparents.

Unfortunately, my grandmother (Emine) was bad, but she was glad to see us. I hope she will have been better by the feast.
My grandparents (Ismet and Sakine) looked well and furthermore they told us about different interesting stories, many of them were about the ceremony of a sacrifice and our traditions to celebrate this feast.
The key thing of the day is the dialogue between generations. I understood how it significant for representatives of elder generation to pass the knowledge. And it is very important to us, because “Who doesn’t know his past, he doesn’t worthy of their future” (M. Rila).
Having prayed we came back home in the evening. But I am still impressed with our conversation.
I wish every old man to be with attention, not only on the eve of a feast.

Ibadova Liliia CUPP 2010 INTERN

November 11, 2010 - Ibadova Liliia (Intern)

The 11th of November is Remembrance Day – national holiday for Canada honoring the participants of the two world wars. That’s why our day began with the ceremony in the National War Memorial.
The minute of silence was announced in the sunny warm morning at 10 a.m. People were absolutely calm. . I was impressed by their unity and dedication while singing the national anthem “O Canada”. It was followed by the march of the troops of Canadian Royal Mount Police and soldiers in British royal uniform. The corps of cadets and the children chorus took part too. The message from the Honorable Prime Minister Stephen Harper was spoken out loudly and warmly accepted by the applauding audience. The tradition of this holiday is to wear small artificial red poppies as a symbol of the slogan “Lest we forget”, so everyone had them on his or her chest. Three bombardiers thundering in the blue sky were a big surprise. The ceremony ended with the opening the memorial for the public to come up and lay their poppies on the monument. Afterwards we discovered also the wreaths all around put by different governmental and non-governmental institutions as well as a number of embassies including Ukrainian one. The celebration itself created an impression of enormous importance of this date for the Canadian nation. The veterans were honored respectfully and thankfully. The organizers tried to retrieve the moral aspect of the war period.
The second part of the day was dedicated to the preparation of the “Model Ukraine Conference”. The group of selected chairpersons met Borys Gengalo – a big friend of CUPP – to discuss the next day’s tasks. We discussed the issues on introduction of the conference, presentation of the speakers, timing the debates and some other collateral points. It was a useful experience which gave us an opportunity to hold such a serious official event.
The 11th of November was a very busy day. At the same time it had a symbolical aspect. We joined Canadians to be proud of their heroes. And we were ready to represent our own country at the coming international conference.

Yevgenia Yurchuk (Applicant 2011)

Yevgenia Yurchuk (Applicant 2011)
National University “Ostroh academy”

10th of November

Motto of the day:
What keeps us on this globe except force of gravity?
HYPERLINK "" Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

Oh, yeh! Off we go…Today is the 10th of November, 2010. In some parts of our Earth-home the day only begins and in the other it is over. Imagine that right now one young guy is in a hurry to his work, a cute child is playing with one of his favorite toys, a lady is ready to have a sweet night dream in her cozy bed. And the students of the National University “Ostroh academy” are researching, rocking the world of science, literature and diplomacy. We have a week for Self Directed Education.

Each Autumn and Spring in the middle of every Trimester we have SDE weeks far from the University and so deep in our brains with University. During this week we have lots of assignments, goals, tasks to reach, do and complete. Next week we are supposed to share the results with our groupmates and lectors.

Frankly this week is the toughest in the whole year, because you stay at home where your family and friends are (some of them you have not seen for ages) and at the same time you are just sinking in facts, dates, analyses. Family and studying keep me on this globe except force of gravity.

In the morning I compiled a To-do list. It looked, hmm-busy. Or too busy. My priority was to find more information for the conference presentation. Item 2 was to write the essay about Ukrainian Free University in Munich. Then, went the prep for my German class. Well then. I ignored the priority and started with the work I enjoyed. If it is SDE week I am the person who rules. So, the essay! I was very excited in this theme. As a student I wanted to compare the educational system in Ukrainian Free University and Ostroh academy. My experience as a volunteer of the Institution of the investigation of the Diaspora helped me to understand the life of the Diaspora in Germany, the way how they work there and help Ukraine.

I have been studying Germany and I enjoy it. It is overwhelming but fun. Our teacher is really a master in creating tricky tasks from various resources. Oh my, the endless list of new words which I have to memorize. Wake me at night and you will hear only German. After several hours of confusion I know 50 new words which will help me in the nearest future, I mean my classes. Now I am writing in English. Two days ago in Krakov I practised my Polish. Do I know Ukrainian? No kidding, I will end up with Anglurzhyk.
One more success, I received an e-mail letter from the organizers of the conference “Problems of the Foreign Policy of Ukraine”. They invited me to make a presentation about Ukrainian-Russian relations and Ukraine and NATO. Today I managed to refresh my knowledge about foreign Ukrainian policy and found out lots of useful information. This coment doesn’t sound as a diary . It is more like my report about the research. Oh, no. I am exausted. Do I have enough strength for reading Äround the World’?

Pretty conversation anyway. I hate diaries. I tried to be creative.


Stanislava Tsarkova CUPP 2010 INTERN

 Stanislava Tsarkova

National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”

Intern to Mike Wallace, MP
Recipient of Senator Marta Bielish Scholarship

Tuesday, September 9
Dear, readers! You all know that every intern is supposed to write about 2/3 days of our stay here, in Ottawa. And as for me, it’s really interesting sometimes to read, what people did during the day, what their impressions are and whether they are different from mine. But the most important is that some time after our return to Ukraine, when we’ll be together, talking about our days in the Canadian Capital or simply sitting at home, doing nothing, we’ll be re-reading these diaries and recollecting our memories, emotions and feelings. It’s really great!

And you know, there were so many diaries already written, that everyone tries to introduce something new, make it in the different way: describe more emotions, than feelings: make more detailed description or less; write an interview or simply the story.

Unfortunately, yesterday was a very routine and not overloaded day for me. I got chicken pox on Saturday, and that’s why I had to stay in bed (at the hotel room) and almost doing nothing – starring at my laptop, chatting with my friends on the Internet and talking to those interns, who come to visit me. Despite all this stuff, I was reading and replying to lots of e-mails, writing several assignments both for the CUPP and my University.

In the evening, my friends came to me and invited to have dinner with them. You know, approximately a week and a half ago, we met a girl with Ukrainian background, who kindly agreed to cook something for us. She is very nice and friendly. She is doing her Masters here, in Ottawa, however she is from Toronto. As soon, as she got to know, that we are going to visit Toronto, she decided to tell us the most worth visiting places there: from sightseeing, historical buildings, art galleries, parks and to shopping facilities, entertainment and night life. It was very interesting and useful for us to now and we’ll definitely use this info in several days.

After chating with my friends, we decided to watch a French film “Les Choristes”, which I would recommend to everyone.

To sum it up, this is how my day passed. As you can see, it was not rather interesting and full of work at the office, but still there were a lot of things to do.

Valeriia Trush CUPP 2010 Intern

Valeriia Trush CUPP 2010 Intern
Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University
Intern to MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj

CUPP DAY can be counted for a usual ukrainian week for most CUPP Interns. Mostly, because there is much for us to discover, we are extremely curious and we are limited in time here, on Parliament Hill... That is why, every day is an opportunity-day to find out something new for 23 Interns. So, meetings, info, reception, seminars, committees, communication, new people - are our 2-month credo, any other compromises are not welcomed for “info&experience-hungry” ukrainian young bright people.

Every day we are making up something new... Today, I have decided to change a bit a usual format of CUPP-diary... Instead of describing my busy work day I would like to devote this cupp-day-diary to the introduction of my office.

Blame Aishe Memetova who unintentionally inspired me to tell you everything that happens, so to say, backstage - in our office.

“Chapter 1”

I can ASSUME (Aishe can understand me))) that we have one of the greatest, happiest and busiest office in Parliament. There are several “reasons-characters” why:

Character #1:
Linda - bright, intelligent workaholic who always gives funny comments during parliament session when MPs make their statements. She is an excellent combination of a woman-mother who has 3 kids, and a woman-who works from early morning till late at night, stays adequate, is extremely nice and pleasant, tells us a huge number of different stories (gossips) that we would not read in the newspapers about MPs.

Character #2:
Aishe - one of the greatest and pleasant person I have ever met. Smart, purposeful, a bit shy (sometimes) but sometimes impresses with her statements...) +an awesome friend to have a pleasant chat about Parliament, Canada, Ukraine, bureaucracy and stuff like that.

Character #3:
Sean - assistant to an MP (can’t recall his name) who is working next door. He visits us from time to time, tells us some jokes and parliament gossips...

Character #4:
Slavik, Slavko or a Canadian variant - STAN - first of all he is an extremely IMPORTANT person (for CUPP Interns) in many ways. First, he is a distributer of our weekly stipend!!! Not him exactly, but somehow he is involved in it - our coord Sasha use him as a bodyguard, a fellow who goes with him to the bank and a VIP who is eligible to withdraw money from the bank account.

He is a right hand of our MP, in fact he makes and arranges everything for the MP. Sometimes I can not understand how he manages to make everything in time. (!!!!)

When you see Stan, words from the american movie comes to your mind - “Hey, Dude? Where is my cow?” - maybe because he is an extremely interesting personality to observe.

Apart from giving Aishe and me various tasks, he is always complaining that we make everything too slow (“famous Canadian-Croatian humour”). Once, we had to make a multiculturalism table for every district all across Canada. Just for you to realize: there are 9 provinces in Canada and more than 100 districts. Notwithstanding it was complicated, we did it, and now we are completely aware of the existence of each Canadian district... I guess you can call us multiculture-district-pro.. owing to Stan...

So, coming back to Stan - he is croatian with a great sense of humour. He always warns us about his mysterious and magic REPORT. According to his words, it’s a report full of Interns’ faults that we have made during our gorgeous 8 week internship (On behalf of all Interns, I can assure you that we have never made any mistakes, it is only Slavko’s CROATIAN imagination).

I would also like to mention that Stan is extremely devoted croatian to follow as he spends all his free time and vacations in the National Library of Chicago making some research on Croatia. His papers have been even published!!!

So, that is how our office stuff looks like!
I love them!
And once again “it’s all Aishe’s fault...”

Daryna Shevchenko CUPP 2011 APPLICANT

Daryna Shevchenko CUPP 2011 APPLICANT

November 8, 2010
Daryna Shevchenko

Querido Diario

Dear Diary,

I’d like to share with you my anxiety about the Day X, which is approaching. To be precise these are two days actually – the 19th and the 20th of November. On that dates I’ll take my exam in Spanish as a Foreign Language, called DELE (an equivalent to TOEFL exam in English or DELF/DALF in French). It may sound ridiculous, especially taking into consideration my vast experience in sitting for exams, but I feel unusually nervous. The reason for such state of mind can be a lack of language practice, because normally I do not use Spanish as much as I use English. Besides, a huge gap in studying Spanish (I quit learning it as soon as I entered university) resulted in lack of self-confidence when talking to native speakers, which I experienced to the full during my trip to Spain in summer. So my decision was to practice Castilian as much as I could. My role model was a famous football trainer Jose Mourinho, who studied Italian 5 hours each day during a couple of months just in order to be able to communicate with press and football fans. And I bet Mr Mourinho is far busier person than I am!

During 2 months of thorough preparation I watched a dozen of films of Pedro Almodóvar, read a couple of Spanish books in the original, which under other circumstances I would have never dared to read. By the way, one of them, called “My last breath”, an autobiography belonging to the scandalous Spanish director of the XX century – Luis Buñuel – was a real discovery for me. I would highly recommend it to everyone who is interested in surrealism and its conception.

All in all I ended up having dreams where all conversations were held in Spanish. Dear Diary, I may seem to you a little bit obsessed, but this is how it usually goes when I am truly interested in what I do.

Thank you, my silent friend, for listening carefully and not interrupting the flow of words. I only hope my confessions didn’t wear you out…and if they did, I bet next entry will be much more entertaining!

Very truly yours,

Bohdan Kushpler CUPP 2010 INTERN

Bohdan Kushpler
CUPP 2010 Intern
November 6, 2010

In order to explain better I will start from a brief preface to this beautiful day – November 6.

There turned out a possibility for some CUPP 2010 interns, who were interested in business and economics to visit Richard Ivey Business School that is located in London, Ontario on the territory of University of Western Ontario. Finally, four of us: Solomiya Borshosh, Ivan Matveichenko, Kateryna Lysenko and I were given a chance during the period from November 4 to November 6 to attend this Business School.

On November 5th, we had opportunity to see Ivey BS campus. It consists of two main buildings, first is located in the centre of the University of Western Ontario, the other is located outside the University campus, about 20 minutes from it and is called Spencer Leadership Centre. We spend our half day in the first building. There we had a little excursion and were told a lot about Ivey BS life. It was founded in 1922 by Richard Ivey and since that time became one of the most famous BS in Canada and North America. In order to become a student one has to have no less than 2 years of work experience, but normally chosen students have at least 3-4 years. The duration of MBA program is one year and it costs almost $78,000, although there is a possibility to apply for a scholarship.

After introduction of the BS life and its services, we had a great chance to participate in a seminar with MBA group. The seminar, or better a case study, was dealing with Human Resources. This was amazing seminar. First of all, the percentage of involvement in this case study was almost 100%. Every student actively participated in it and shared his thoughts and experience. The teacher was like a wise moderator who could well conduct the group. After 3 hours and a half, our little visiting group was given an opportunity to see Ivey’s BS Spencer Leadership Centre. This is a unique place where students of BS can totally devote their time to studying and have a little time for relax too. There we met one of the students who willingly shared with us his experience in Ivey and future prospects that arise after graduation.

As you can see previous day was very intensive that is why I woke up on Saturday November 6, at 10:30 am. Because I did not have much time to observe London (ON) more, so the first thing I decided to do was to go sightseeing. Canadian London is a small city with not many historical buildings as opposed to the English London, but the thing that makes it so famous is above mentioned University of Western Ontario. As to similarities, Canadian London has also river Thames, but much smaller. The city has beautiful buildings like St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica, build in a gothic style; building of the Federal Government and a park next to it. I spent next two hours taking some pictures.

At 3 pm our group had a train back to Ottawa. Speaking about Canadian trains, they are much more comfortable than Ukrainian. At least Canadian trains have competitive advantage in form of Wi-Fi, good service, comfortable seats and plugs. On the train station we said goodbye to our new London friends: Inna and James that were so kind to help us in those three days and at 15: 33 we headed for Toronto. It took as whole second part of day to get back to Ottawa as we arrived at 00:00 am.