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Viktoriia Zazhygaieva CUPP 2011 APPLICANT

Viktoriia Zazhygaieva
Kyiv International University


My name is Viktoriia! I am a student! I study at the university and work as a lawyer after studies.

Today my morning started as usual. I woke up and went to the university. Everyone knows how to pass a class, so I will not dwell on this issue.

But I want to mention one thing. The legal profession is associated with working with people, with their lives. The information that law students receive in the classroom is different from theory to practice. For lawyers practice is an important part of their work. I believe that it is impossible to be a lawyer without having practical work experience.

After classes, I met a woman whom I gave legal aid. For you, I will describe briefly the essence of the matter. A woman is pregnant and the employer wants to fire her. According to the Ukrainian law, it can’t be done. Unfortunately, in practice there are situations when employers are trying to circumvent the law.

I offer legal advice to this woman for several months. First, employer would lay off her to reduce positions. Then she went to the hospital, but the employer does not pay her a financial aid. When she appealed to me, I wrote several letters to the employer. But the situation has not changed. Then we were forced to seek help from the prosecutor's office. Assistance has been paid. Now a woman has given birth, but correspondence with the employer continues.

Unfortunately, the violation of the law is not uncommon. I believe that people should fight for their rights.

Human rights are a priority in the world. We must strive to prevent such violations.
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