November 2nd, 2010

Bohdan Kushpler CUPP 2010 Intern

Bohdan Kushpler
CUPP 2010 Intern

November 2, 2010

My day started around 9:00 am. Today the work in the office of my MP Mr. Stephen Woodworth was quite usual. I had to continue to work with the talking points and with some letters. Letters usually are from Mr. Woodworth riding – Kitchener centre. At my desk lied letters on following topics: Bill C-300, Bill C-304, and Bill S-10, letter on travel to Mexico and a request from one of constituents asking my MP to explain the situation with the Water Privatization Conference. I started with a letter on a travel to Mexico. One of my MP constituents is going on a mission with students to Mexico. In order to take every possible precaution he wrote a letter asking for advice about his trip.

I had to find information what does Canadian Government says on visiting Mexico. First of all, I looked on Ministry of Foreign Affairs web-site. This ministry provides travel advisories for many countries. It turned out that currently Mexico has a deteriorating security situation in its many parts. Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has posted official warning against non-essential travel to the border areas between Mexico and the United States, due to continuously high levels of violence linked to drug trafficking in those areas. My next step was to try to get comments on this issue from someone of Ministry. Because current Canadian Government is formed from Conservative party, in each Ministry is a person, who is responsible for inside party correspondence. So, I decided to write an email to a person in a Ministry of Foreign Affairs that is responsible for this correspondence. I received rather quick answer which stated that I should call. So I called. The person that I was speaking to was named Ashley. She explained me in more details what precautions “my” constituent should take and what he should know. After all I drafted a letter response to the constituent and send it to Sonja (administrative assistant of my MP) for corrections.

In the afternoon I wrote some as I call RSVP refuse-letters. Translation from French RSVP (répondez s'il vous plait) means "Please respond". Every invitation letter contains contact information it is called RSVP. Assistants have to respond to this letters if they are wishing to attend or not wishing to attend event. As I was doing that work a man whose name was Mark came, he was from Conservative party and wanted to talk to Mr. Woodworth. Mr. Woodworth was not in office at that time, so we talked a little bit. It turned out that Mark had been to Ukraine back in 80s. He visited Kyiv for short time, but experienced a lot of problems dealing with police and crossing the border.

After completing all RSVP refuse-letters I continued with my talking points on Saudi Arabia and the United States. Slowly, my day has come to an end.