November 3rd, 2010

Viktoriia Zazhygaieva CUPP 2011 APPLICANT

Viktoriia Zazhygaieva
Kyiv International University


My name is Viktoriia! I am a student! I study at the university and work as a lawyer after studies.

Today my morning started as usual. I woke up and went to the university. Everyone knows how to pass a class, so I will not dwell on this issue.

But I want to mention one thing. The legal profession is associated with working with people, with their lives. The information that law students receive in the classroom is different from theory to practice. For lawyers practice is an important part of their work. I believe that it is impossible to be a lawyer without having practical work experience.

After classes, I met a woman whom I gave legal aid. For you, I will describe briefly the essence of the matter. A woman is pregnant and the employer wants to fire her. According to the Ukrainian law, it can’t be done. Unfortunately, in practice there are situations when employers are trying to circumvent the law.

I offer legal advice to this woman for several months. First, employer would lay off her to reduce positions. Then she went to the hospital, but the employer does not pay her a financial aid. When she appealed to me, I wrote several letters to the employer. But the situation has not changed. Then we were forced to seek help from the prosecutor's office. Assistance has been paid. Now a woman has given birth, but correspondence with the employer continues.

Unfortunately, the violation of the law is not uncommon. I believe that people should fight for their rights.

Human rights are a priority in the world. We must strive to prevent such violations.

Volodymyr Venher CUPP 2010 INTERN

Volodymyr Venher
Kyiv-Mohyla University

Day in the life of CUPP’2010 intern
03 November 2010

Today is Wednesday 3/11/10/. And this day promises to be extremely interesting.
I’m not going to tell you how I got up and did all the usual morning things because I have lot of other much more interesting things to tell about.
That day I had to be at Parliament much more early then usual because Wednesday is ‘Caucus Day’ on Parliamentary Hill. This day all Parliamentary Parties have general meetings held by their members. And that morning I was going to visit NDP’s Caucus meeting and to see my MP Claude Gravelle there.
So, I got there in time and Mr. Gravelle had been already there. NDP’s Caucus meetings take place at another building which is in 10 minutes walk from West Block where our office is situated. These ten minutes are also a great chance to talk to MP considering the fact that it was the last day I could see him. The next day I was going to Edmonton to participate in Ukrainian Canadian Congress. And next week (which will be the last week of my internship in Ottawa) Mr. Gravelle will spend in his constituency.
It is really important for me to visit all those Caucus Meetings because currently I’m working on my PhD thesis on the topic of “Comparative analysis of functioning of Parliamentary Fractions (Caucuses)”. NDP Caucus Chair had allowed me to stay for first 30 minutes of the meeting and after that they sat in camera. It was interesting and I’ve matched some peculiarities which I found useful for my research.
After that I’ve came back to office and did some office work till 12.30. At that time I’ve met other CUPP interns in West Block’s dining room. There were almost all of our students, because at 1 p.m. we scheduled a meeting with CUPP Director Mr. Ihor Bardyn. That event was important for us. We’ve got to know about some nearest future plans and actions. Also Mr. Bardyn asked us to describe in one short sentence our two month stay in Canada. It was brain storming task because all of us have so much emotions and impressions which couldn’t be described in one sentence. But all interns did it. My sentence was “It is great opportunity to feel what democracy is”. After the meeting we’ve took a group picture in front of Centre Block (on parliamentary grass). All interns came back to their offices just for few hours because that evening we have had two more events.
At 6.30 pm CUPP interns had a pleasure to meet (and have desert in Parliamentary Restaurant) with Mark Warawa, James Bezan, Peter Goldring and few other MPs. But the main figure was Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Honorable Jason T. Kenney. He’s made very emotional and interesting speech about Ukrainian Canadians, their history and their role in “building” of Canada. After that he had presented to each intern greeting letters personally signed by Canada’s Prime-Minister Stephen Harper. It was really a big surprise for all of us.
Immediately after that event we were supposed to move from Parliament to Ukrainian Embassy building. Few cars and bus was waiting for us to deliver to sport stadium. And at that same place CUPP team headed by Ukrainian Ambasador Ihor Ostash had fought (soccer match) team of House of Commons. But the number of our rivals was too small so they couldn’t form appropriate team. So we’ve borrowed them few our players. From now I can say that it was a strategic mistake which had brought defeat to our team. Nevertheless we know that we are much more stronger and main aim of that match was only fun.
After all these adventures I’ve came back home very late. I haven’t had much time for preparing my luggage for the next day trip to Edmonton. I’ve taken only the most useful things and went to bed because it was very important to feel fresh the next day morning.
The future trip should be really significant.

Iryna Dragan CUPP 2011 APPLICANT

Iryna Dragan
L’viv, Ukraine, 79002, Velychkovskiy st.52/31
Ukrainian Academy of Printing

The 3rd of November began when I opened my eyes at 7 o’clock in the morning. Well, actually I didn’t do it on my own. My alarm clock helped me. I woke up in a great mood. Few days ago it was terrible, because I was really tired working for the organization of local election, but today the mood was like the sun: shiny and brightly.

Like always I had a delicious breakfast with my family and after it I went to check my e-mails and read news to know everything that happens all around the world and especially in Ukraine. As you know, dear diary, there was local election at the 31st of October and I am curious about the situation in every part of my country. After some fresh news I had a time to prepare for a test Principles of Ukrainian Terminology. So I did it.

My classes began at 10:15 a.m. and finished at 2:00 p.m. Nothing special I guess. Two lectures and sometime later I was at the Academy’s library searching for books to prepare for the next test. Oh, sometimes I think that all this tests will make me crazy!!!

To had some rest my close friend Lesya and I went to the gift shop. But there we were really unpleasantly surprised when we saw a magnet with a Cossack who had strange colors on his clothes. The colors of his shirt, belt and trousers were like the colors of Russian flag. It made so bad impression for us! How can it be? After this “accident” we decided “No more gift shops today!” and went home.

In comparison with all days before, I came back home early. So I had time to chat with my friends, completely made all my homework and wrote a little story about one day of my life in a diary.

Best regards,