November 10th, 2010

Yevgenia Yurchuk (Applicant 2011)

Yevgenia Yurchuk (Applicant 2011)
National University “Ostroh academy”

10th of November

Motto of the day:
What keeps us on this globe except force of gravity?
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Oh, yeh! Off we go…Today is the 10th of November, 2010. In some parts of our Earth-home the day only begins and in the other it is over. Imagine that right now one young guy is in a hurry to his work, a cute child is playing with one of his favorite toys, a lady is ready to have a sweet night dream in her cozy bed. And the students of the National University “Ostroh academy” are researching, rocking the world of science, literature and diplomacy. We have a week for Self Directed Education.

Each Autumn and Spring in the middle of every Trimester we have SDE weeks far from the University and so deep in our brains with University. During this week we have lots of assignments, goals, tasks to reach, do and complete. Next week we are supposed to share the results with our groupmates and lectors.

Frankly this week is the toughest in the whole year, because you stay at home where your family and friends are (some of them you have not seen for ages) and at the same time you are just sinking in facts, dates, analyses. Family and studying keep me on this globe except force of gravity.

In the morning I compiled a To-do list. It looked, hmm-busy. Or too busy. My priority was to find more information for the conference presentation. Item 2 was to write the essay about Ukrainian Free University in Munich. Then, went the prep for my German class. Well then. I ignored the priority and started with the work I enjoyed. If it is SDE week I am the person who rules. So, the essay! I was very excited in this theme. As a student I wanted to compare the educational system in Ukrainian Free University and Ostroh academy. My experience as a volunteer of the Institution of the investigation of the Diaspora helped me to understand the life of the Diaspora in Germany, the way how they work there and help Ukraine.

I have been studying Germany and I enjoy it. It is overwhelming but fun. Our teacher is really a master in creating tricky tasks from various resources. Oh my, the endless list of new words which I have to memorize. Wake me at night and you will hear only German. After several hours of confusion I know 50 new words which will help me in the nearest future, I mean my classes. Now I am writing in English. Two days ago in Krakov I practised my Polish. Do I know Ukrainian? No kidding, I will end up with Anglurzhyk.
One more success, I received an e-mail letter from the organizers of the conference “Problems of the Foreign Policy of Ukraine”. They invited me to make a presentation about Ukrainian-Russian relations and Ukraine and NATO. Today I managed to refresh my knowledge about foreign Ukrainian policy and found out lots of useful information. This coment doesn’t sound as a diary . It is more like my report about the research. Oh, no. I am exausted. Do I have enough strength for reading Äround the World’?

Pretty conversation anyway. I hate diaries. I tried to be creative.