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Stanislava Tsarkova CUPP 2010 INTERN

 Stanislava Tsarkova

National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”

Intern to Mike Wallace, MP
Recipient of Senator Marta Bielish Scholarship

Tuesday, September 9
Dear, readers! You all know that every intern is supposed to write about 2/3 days of our stay here, in Ottawa. And as for me, it’s really interesting sometimes to read, what people did during the day, what their impressions are and whether they are different from mine. But the most important is that some time after our return to Ukraine, when we’ll be together, talking about our days in the Canadian Capital or simply sitting at home, doing nothing, we’ll be re-reading these diaries and recollecting our memories, emotions and feelings. It’s really great!

And you know, there were so many diaries already written, that everyone tries to introduce something new, make it in the different way: describe more emotions, than feelings: make more detailed description or less; write an interview or simply the story.

Unfortunately, yesterday was a very routine and not overloaded day for me. I got chicken pox on Saturday, and that’s why I had to stay in bed (at the hotel room) and almost doing nothing – starring at my laptop, chatting with my friends on the Internet and talking to those interns, who come to visit me. Despite all this stuff, I was reading and replying to lots of e-mails, writing several assignments both for the CUPP and my University.

In the evening, my friends came to me and invited to have dinner with them. You know, approximately a week and a half ago, we met a girl with Ukrainian background, who kindly agreed to cook something for us. She is very nice and friendly. She is doing her Masters here, in Ottawa, however she is from Toronto. As soon, as she got to know, that we are going to visit Toronto, she decided to tell us the most worth visiting places there: from sightseeing, historical buildings, art galleries, parks and to shopping facilities, entertainment and night life. It was very interesting and useful for us to now and we’ll definitely use this info in several days.

After chating with my friends, we decided to watch a French film “Les Choristes”, which I would recommend to everyone.

To sum it up, this is how my day passed. As you can see, it was not rather interesting and full of work at the office, but still there were a lot of things to do.

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