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Khalilova Aishe CUPP 2011 APPLICANT

Khalilova Aishe

Hetman Economic University of Kyiv, Crimean Institute at Simferopol
Date of birth: 08/26/1991 

Hi, everyone! Let me introduce myself, my name is Aishe Khalilova. I am a CUPP applicant 2011. I was born in Crimea, live in Crimea and study in Crimea. So, Crimea is my life!

Before writing how I spend my time today, I want to tell you how changed my live during 3 months being CUPP applicant. May be for you it isn’t so interesting, but it is very important to me!

At first, I am very grateful to our CUPP director, Pan Ihor Bardin, for his partial, advertency to us. He gives us a tone and inspirits to go on. I am extremely pleased to take “readings” articles, which describe freshest and the most interesting news. Besides, these articles give a possibility to improve my English. In fact, they made my world overview wider. I thought a lot about some issues, which didn’t worry me earlier. For example, the ecology problem of the tar sands in Canada, which touched the whole World; or using the goods manufactured in China’s forced labour camps. I found new friends here. It is very easy to speak with them, because they are open, frank and also well-wishing persons. Hi, guys!) Actually, this period wasn’t so easy for me. Assignments, deadlines, assignments, readings, deadlines… But it is an absorbing experience! It is like a firecracker of impressions, inspirits, and thoughts!
And a little advice from me for the future applicants: DO NOT APPLY AT THE END OF THE DEADLINE!!!

So, now I can return to my main question=)

Today is the 14th of November, Sunday. I have no classes, but my day began in the early morning, because we should prepare to one of the biggest Muslim’s feasts, Kurban Bayram. It is the feast of the Sacrifice, begins on the 16th of November. Every family tidy up their houses, yards, do some purchases and visit old people to help them and to bring needed things for the feast. And our family isn’t an exception.

My day began with the cup of coffee. Till noon we in concern had managed to do our domesticity, to do some purchases and visited my dearest people: Emine grandmother, Ismet and Sakine grandparents.

Unfortunately, my grandmother (Emine) was bad, but she was glad to see us. I hope she will have been better by the feast.
My grandparents (Ismet and Sakine) looked well and furthermore they told us about different interesting stories, many of them were about the ceremony of a sacrifice and our traditions to celebrate this feast.
The key thing of the day is the dialogue between generations. I understood how it significant for representatives of elder generation to pass the knowledge. And it is very important to us, because “Who doesn’t know his past, he doesn’t worthy of their future” (M. Rila).
Having prayed we came back home in the evening. But I am still impressed with our conversation.
I wish every old man to be with attention, not only on the eve of a feast.


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