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Anna Ragnieva CUPP 2011 Applicant

Anna Ragnieva
CUPP 2011 Applicant
Volodymyr Dahl Eastern
Ukraine National University
Date of birth: 12/21/1988

The 16th of November began when I opened my eyes at 7:45 a. m. Oh, I am so happy as I had my sleep out. It’s so nice when you have an opportunity to sleep enough. But unfortunately I have such opportunity not so often as my days are very busy and I need to get up early to do all my deals. Don’t think that very busy days make me unhappy. No, very busy days make me happy as I am very active person and I need to have a lot of deals to have a great amount of impressions.

This day seemed to be very busy. Although I didn’t have the first lesson I had three lessons more that began at 10:05 a. m. and finished at 3:35 p.m. During lessons on 30 minutes brake I took part in our faculty’s meeting of monitors, on which all temporary problems were discussed and decisions were made. Then I had to inform my groupmates about temporary problems and future events and of course we had to decide where and how we would meet International Student Day. After lessons four groupmates and I went to computer club to make our group exercise (we take part in Global Management Challenge – the first international competition in management: we need to manage the company during some period of time).

At 7 p. m. I was at home where I had a dinner, watched news on TV and began to make my homework for tomorrow. Now it is 11 p. m. I am sitting and writing my diary. Of course, I am tired. But I am happy as I made a lot of useful deals on the 16th of November. Only one thing upsets me. I didn’t take part in the today’s protesting against new Taxes’ Code as I was on lessons during this protesting. I think that this protesting was really important. A great amount of new taxes can make dealing of business simply impossible for a lot of businessmen. It will lead to a great amount of new unemployed that will lead to reduction of labour cost. And reduction of labour cost is a great problem for everyone even if he or she isn’t a businessman. I really hope that our politicians understand this.

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